Former Members

Dr. Will E. Thompson

Ph.D. Thesis:

Dr. Chase P. Schultz

Ph.D. Thesis: Rotational Spectroscopy of Prebiotic Molecules.


Dr. Connor Wright

Ph.D. Thesis: Millimeter/Submillimeter Wavelength Spectroscopy Of Prebiotic Interstellar Molecules With Complex Internal Motion.

Lecturer at Clayton State University

Dr. Hayley A. Bunn

Ph.D. Thesis: Rotational Spectroscopy of Nitrogen and Chlorine Containing Species to Guide Interstellar and Planetary Observations.

Postdoc at Max Planck Institutes

Dr. Katarina Yocum

Ph.D. Thesis: The Development and Application of SubLIME: Sublimation of Laboratory Ices Millimeter/submillimeter Experiment

Postdoc at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Anna Gerosolina

Undergraduate Student (Class of 2021)

Ph.D. student at Boston College

Dr. Kevin Roenitz

Ph.D. Thesis: The Search for Interstellar Organic Ions

Etch Engineer at Intel Corporation

Dr. Jay (Alec) Kroll

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Lecturer at University of Colorado Boulder

Carson Powers

Masters Thesis: An Investigation of Methanol Photolysis Branching Ratios and Their Implications for Chemistry in the Interstellar Medium

Knowledge Management Specialist at Solvay Specialty Polymers USA, LLC

Dr. Houston Smith

Undergraduate Thesis: The Study of Interstellar Ice Analogues

Ph.D. student at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ayanna Jones

Ph.D. Student at Emory University

Ethan Todd

Undergraduate Student

Chris Schwaiger

Undergraduate Student

Nathan Harper

Undergraduate Student

Leslie Mora

Undergraduate Student

Samuel Zinga

Undergraduate Student

Dr. Luyao Zou

Ph.D. Thesis: Astrochemistry in Star-forming Regions: Laboratory Millimeter–Submillimeter Spectroscopy and Broadband Astronomical Line Surveys

Postdoc at Université de Lille

Dr. Brian Hays

Ph.D. Thesis: Rotational Spectroscopy of O(1D) Insertion Products

Postdoc at Institut de Physique de Rennes

A.J. Mesko

Masters Thesis: Icy Grain Chemistry and Chiral Molecules in the Interstellar Medium

Morgan McCabe

Masters Thesis: Understanding Interstellar Chemistry: A Look at Methanol Branching Ratios and the Search for Aminomethanol

Thomas Anderson

Masters Thesis: Calculations of Prebiotic Molecules Formed from O(1D) Insertion Reactions

Dr. James P. McMillan

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Jake Laas

Ph.D. Thesis: Methanol Photodissociation as a Case Study For Probing Complex Interstellar Organic Chemistry

Software Engineer/Project Scientist at Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics

Dr. Brett McGuire

Masters Thesis: High Resolution THz Spectroscopy of Astrophysically Relevant Ions

Assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Bridget Alligood DePrince

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Nadine Wehres

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Blithe Rocher

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Shiya Wang

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Brandon Carroll

Undergraduate Student

Postdoc at The Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian

Patrick Lanter

Undergraduate Student

Ian Wagner

Undergraduate Student


Lina Zhang

Undergraduate Student

Lindsay Rhoades

Undergraduate Student


Elena Jordanov

Undergraduate Student

Maxwell Farina

Undergraduate Student


Cate Levey

Undergraduate Student

Anne Carroll

Undergraduate Student


Le Zhong

Undergraduate Student

Mary Radhuber

Undergraduate Student


Jessica Walsh O’Sullivan

Undergraduate Student

Trevor Cross

Undergraduate Student


Althea Roy

Undergraduate Student

Anthony Chirillo

Undergraduate Student


Jim Sanders

Undergraduate Student

Brian Savino

Undergraduate Student