• November, 2020:  Colton Moore, Jonathan Rebelsky, and Will Thompson have joined The Widicus Weaver research group.  Welcome new graduate students!
  • November, 2020:  Hayley’s paper was accepted for publication!
    • Bunn H. A., Schultz C. P., Widicus Weaver S. L. “Laser-Induced Chemistry Observed During 248 nm VUV Photolysis of an O3 and CH3NH2 Mixture.”  The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, accepted, 2020.
  • October, 2020:  Susanna was interviewed by UW-Madison L&S about the recent report of phosphine on Venus:
  • October, 2020:  We have achieved “first light” with our rebuilt flow cell spectrometer.  We are back in the business of taking spectra!
  • August, 2020:  The Widicus Weaver research group arrives at UW-Madison!
  • May, 2020:  Susanna Widicus Weaver arrives at UW-Madison!